Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Knitting and New Years

For Christmas I finished knitting my mother and Argosy scarf in Noro and it only took me three days, I'm so proud. Please excuse the cell phone pics, I can't currently find the cord to link my camera to my computer

I gave my G-Ma a burgundy 3 cabled scarf in Lions Heart and my aunt a quick stockinette scarf in some white sparkley yarn I don't know the name of right now. I'm still in the middle of the scarf that I was suppose to give my G-Pa.

So this is the list of projects that I currently have on my needles and need to finish before I start another project:
1. G-Pa's Scarf
2. Hedera Socks for me
3. Trinity Beret for me
4. Baby Placket Seater
5. Cabled Socks for my hunny (not started but i already have the yarn and the pattern)

I had a wonderful Christmas..I got a sewing machine and I am soooo excited about it. I also went to Williams and Sonoma and bought two beautiful cake pans as a gift from me to me.

2008 is the year of the Domestic Goddess!
While there are many things I flourish at......domesticity has never been one of them. I can cook, but why do it when my better half does it so much better. I do do laundry and I will do dishes if I have to.....but in 2008 I plan on bringing my domestic side up to par with my professional career minded side. I also want to get organized...really organized.(we'll see how it goes)

I will be spending the New Year celebrating at some friends house, kickin' back and relaxing.

Happy New Year To All!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow Let it Snow!

So, we finally got our first real heavy snow, we here in Detroit got 8-16 inches of snow in the Metropolitan area, depending on where you live, over Saturday night through Sunday. I'm glad for the Snow, although technically it's not winter yet, it's still 'fall'. It looks so pretty, the only thing I have yet to figure out is why the snow storm always seems to come on the weekend, so i still had to come to work today. The snow storm never seems to come on a weekday..never, not that my place of employment would ever shut down, they would just say ' well if you don't think you can make it, you can take an annual leave day' I really want to take an annual leave day for a natural disaster that i didn't plan.

I spent last night digging out my car from the snow, it was kinda fun....kinda. I made my way to the video store and rented 3 movies to cozy up to. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I was able to make it to Starbucks for an Eggnog Chai..Yummy! It's not on my current list of things I can drink thanks to my sinus issues, i try to stay away from dairt products when I'm mucusy..they just make it worse, but as soon as I can completely breathe normal..I'm headed to get me one.

Anyway, i've finally gotten together my resolve to finish some Christmas presents, I started a scarf today that I think will go pretty fast, I have two more to knit up before Christmas, wish me luck.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Being Sick Sucks!

I have had a head cold since friday and I'm sick of it. My sinuses/allergies are all in a tizzy and today is the first day I've been able to breath through my noise in days. I am not good at 'being sick', I instantly revert to a 5 year old version of myself that requires Campbell chicken noodle soup (the original condensed version) and lots of attention and sleep. I had to take 2 days off of work because of it which I didn't plan on doing and I've been taking medication every 4-6 hours since friday. I've been drinking tea and water and taking vitamin C pills. If anyone out there has any home remedies for nasal congestion please let me know.

I did get a chance to knit a few more rounds on my Hedera sock which made me happy as I sat at home watching t.v. and fading in and out of sleep. I wish i could find a way to make my job to sit at home and knit. Apparently I haven't figured it out yet, or else it's what I would be doing...but trust me, I'll figure out a way. Somethings gotta change....but I gotta be willing to work hard for that change!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Detroit #40

Well well well, so the New York Time named Detroit as one of 'The 53 Places to Go in 2008".
For all of the obvious reasons we who live in and near Detroit already know. I find it exciting and terribly sad at the same time. I'm excited the Detroit is finally receiving the good press it deserves and sad that some people will only come because the New York Time said so, and for those who still won't give Detroit a chance. Even sadder for the people who live in the burbs of Detroit and won't come down to see what the city is really about and for the people who only come down for a Tigers or Lions game or maybe even a concert at the Fox and then head straight back out of the city without spending any time at the local night spots or eateries or cultural attractions. Detroit is a wonderful city that has soooo many good things to see and do and so much to offer to the people who are willing to give it a chance! (For all of the good and exciting things about and in Detroit, we always seem to get the worse press possible and this is why I'm probably so disillusioned with the media and what they think about anything, but this time they seem to have gotten it right about Detroit...for once. )

On the Knitting front I've finished the heel on my Hedera sock and started the gusset(I have pics but I'm posting from work and of course the pics are on my home computer). I think I'm going to run out of yarn for the toe and so i might end up doing it in a contrasting color...we'll see. I haven't I haven't done much knitting on anything else. I've seen some things I want to knit, but with the holiday's approaching I'm on a strict yarn more new yarn until after Christmas.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Knitting Makes Everything Better

I just started back knitting again today and I remember all the glorious things knitting does for me..... like calm my frantic nerves when it feels like everything is spinning out of control!!! which seems like my life these days. Calling on Jesus, reading fiction and knitting are all I can do to make that pounding in my chest quiet down and make my head feel like it's not about to pop. I had to rip back a couple (like 20) rows of my Hedera heel flap because I read the directions wrong...that always sucks. I knew something wasn't quiet right, but with knitterly denial I knitted onward! But I'm glad i did so now it looks like its suppose to look.

My fascinating Tuesday night will consist of doing my budget, doing Bible study, watching tv and knitting and maybe a little reading before I go to sleep. Pretty routine, I need to go buy the next two Harry Potter books: Year 4 and 5, so to distract me I've picked up "The Devil Wears Prada" by Lauren Weisberger. I've only read the first chapter but so far so good. I originally bought the book last year in October, I thought i would have a chance to read it when I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled...but i didn't want to read, i just wanted to watch tv, sleep and moop.

I've decided that I'm starting 2008 now, meaning that I'm changing the way I do things now, instead of waiting until the first of the year to make some bullsheesh resolution that I won't follow through on. So, I've started my financial reform, I'm giving myself 3 years to get the majority of my debt paid off. I'm also gonna keep to my savings plan if it kills me and start investing this year.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Color Of My Brain

Your Brain is Orange

Of all the brain types, yours is the quickest.
You are usually thinking a mile a minute, and you could be thinking about anything at all.
Your thoughts are often scattered and random - but they're also a lot of fun!

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about esoteric subjects, the meaning of life, and pop culture.