Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where I Knit

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Detroit. I've decided to start doing an installment of posts called: Where I Knit. I will take pictures of the places that I sit and knit at. Detroit has some beautiful buildings and I spend a good deal of time in them. I spent time knitting yesterday on the upper concourse in the Guardian Building in Detroit. I forgot to take outside pictures, but the architecture is stunning. Here is a link to the building website. I took some pics of the inside of the building. It's a beautiful building and it also has a yarn store inside (City Knits)....Gotta love a building in downtown with a yarn store inside! (Also i took these pics with my iphone....i love my iphone!)

A little history on the Guardian Building
The forty story skyscraper was completed in March 1927 and was originally the Union Trust Companies flagship headquarters. Smith Hinchman and Grylls architectural firm designed it with head designer Wirt C. Rowland. Forty artisans worked on the intricate murals, mosaic and stained glass, tile work and marble in the lobby. If you get a chance to visit Detroit, I highly recommend seeing it if you can.

and i knit on my jaywalker sock, yeah it's been a while working on these. I had to rip the first on after I turned the heel because it was to tight to get my foot into. I went back and cast on for the next size up and now it's fine, a snug fit, but fine.

My best friend is having a baby girl due in the next couple of weeks, I guess i should get to work on that baby blanket before she gets here. LOL one of these days I'm going to actually get something completed way in advance of someones due date.

I've got a wedding to go to today and today is looking lovely just like yesterday. I hope everyone is taking advantage of these beautiful weekends. Beautiful buildings, beautiful yarn beautiful weekends...what more could a girl ask for.

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Pajnstl said...

oooh the mosaic is sooo pretty!

and I sooo feel you on finishing before baby arrives. lol
I have a blanket that needs to be seamed RIGHT now!!