Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Detroit #40

Well well well, so the New York Time named Detroit as one of 'The 53 Places to Go in 2008".
For all of the obvious reasons we who live in and near Detroit already know. I find it exciting and terribly sad at the same time. I'm excited the Detroit is finally receiving the good press it deserves and sad that some people will only come because the New York Time said so, and for those who still won't give Detroit a chance. Even sadder for the people who live in the burbs of Detroit and won't come down to see what the city is really about and for the people who only come down for a Tigers or Lions game or maybe even a concert at the Fox and then head straight back out of the city without spending any time at the local night spots or eateries or cultural attractions. Detroit is a wonderful city that has soooo many good things to see and do and so much to offer to the people who are willing to give it a chance! (For all of the good and exciting things about and in Detroit, we always seem to get the worse press possible and this is why I'm probably so disillusioned with the media and what they think about anything, but this time they seem to have gotten it right about Detroit...for once. )

On the Knitting front I've finished the heel on my Hedera sock and started the gusset(I have pics but I'm posting from work and of course the pics are on my home computer). I think I'm going to run out of yarn for the toe and so i might end up doing it in a contrasting color...we'll see. I haven't I haven't done much knitting on anything else. I've seen some things I want to knit, but with the holiday's approaching I'm on a strict yarn fast...no more new yarn until after Christmas.

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kristinknits said...

Thanks for the NYTimes link. That is pretty crazy! #40 - woot!

The Detroit Lovers just need to stick together. Hopefully over time the perceptions will change.