Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to the Knit

Here are some updated pictures of the projects that I've been working on. First is my finished jaywalker...yea me, one down, one to go. I've already cast on for number two and am into the pattern part of the sock, so hopefully this should go faster than the first one. The first one fits just fine, although i did originally start with the smallest size and then realized that it was going to be too small so ripped it and re cast on for the next biggest size, which fits fine.

I was working on the second sock on the holiday and my great uncle (who has only one foot because he had to have the other one amputated) had jokes about me only having one sock done. He said he though the sock was for him since he only has one foot and i only have one sock finished. So, for Christmas my plan is to make him a couple of single socks in different colors since he had jokes.

For my birthday i received a ball winder from my Aunt and Mom. I love my ball winder. It is such a relaxing activity to wind yarn. While i still wanna buy a swift, for now the edge of my ironing board works just as well. I really didn't realize how therapeutic it is to wind yarn until I had my own ball's such a beautiful thing

A couple posts back I said i caught the crocheting bug, well here is where my progress stopped. It's suppose to be a star baby blanket, but the baby that it was meant for is already here....sooooo she'll get it in a couple weeks. Crocheting tends to go a wee bit faster than knitting, but I'm not as good at crocheting as knitting.

hope everyone has a great weekend....i think i'm gonna buy some yarn or some books this weekend...we will see.

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