Monday, September 29, 2008

Mini Update

Things going on:
1. My step dad is having surgery today...hopefully all goes well
2. I'm on the foot part of the jaywalker sock, if my foot wasn't so long I'd be done by now.
3. I'm on page 388 of the harry potter book
4. I've got a design for a sock I'm working up, gonna try and do a swatch of the pattern this week.
5. Got revival at Church this week, We have a dynamic speaker (and I don't say that about people lightly) so if your in the Detroit area and you wanna hear some GREAT WORD you should come by. Service starts at 7pm from Monday to Wednesday at Conant Gardens Church of Christ.


Pajnstl said...

hopefully all went well with the surgery :)

Virtuous said...

Yes pray all went well with his surgery!

And who is the speaker for your revival?

Can't wait to see your Jaywalkers!