Monday, October 6, 2008


Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes for my step dad, his surgury went just fine, my g-pa also had surgury and he is doing fine. My mom lost her god-mom yesterday, and while it was sort of expected (she was waiting on a heart)...death never is really goes over well....just one of those things in life.

I've decided that i need a new beret for the fall, since it's already freakin' cold here in MI, so I think a brown beret will help welcome fall on back. I'm still working on the jaywalkers, i've got a long foot and so it's taking a while.

I also finished reading book 5 in the harry potter books and have started book 6, i'm already on page 72.

I need to find either a new job that pays more or a part time gig.....but then again who doesn't in the rough economic times.

hope everyone has a good monday!


Pajnstl said...

I'd rather cut back than get another job. Hell I dont want to work as it is LOL

urbanknitrix said...

Glad everyone is doing well.

Girl who you telling! I need a part-time job too, but can't find the time.

I made a beret and LOVE it, girl do a bang and the rest of my hair looks crazy and no one knows.