Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Real Quick

1. I'm still working on that staghorn cable scarf
2. i cast on for a pair of mittens in Patons classic wool for my mom for christmas and i'm half way done with the first mitten.
3. my great uncle passed on saturday, and the homegoing is this saturday. He was a great guy and it sucks for my family....i love the holiday's but i'm tired of going to funerals...which reminds me my cousins grandmother passed this week too....that makes 4 since October
4. all i wanna do is sit at home and knit....i gotta find a way to make that happen.
5. my hunny and I are starting 'marriage' talks......stay tunned.
6. my hunny already bought my christmas gift, and has been taunting me about it since last week, but i have will power and i can hold on to find out what it is until at least Christmas least i think i can hold on untill at least Christmas Eve
7. I love the Charlie Brown Vince Guaraldi Trio Christmas CD, it is the best holiday CD ever!
8. I need to find a recipe for cookies I wanna make for Christmas this year
9. Couldn't get into the book i was reading ( An eater's manifesto) it just didn't grab me at all, so i returned it to the library and moved on to the next book, "The Knitting Circle"
10. Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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Virtuous said...

Now that is what you call the quick and dirty update! Like it AND very excited for you @ #5 & #6 :o)