Monday, February 18, 2008


I purchased my first Malabrigo this Saturday at The Wool and The Floss and it is so yummy.
This is Malabrigo Worsted in Pagoda, I plan on using it for a Le Slouch for my Aunt. (My aunt requested a burgundy hat to match her "Sunday" coat, I sent her 10 different styles of hat and she told me that she liked the one I made myself and the Le Slouch...but then she said I could make whatever i thought was best....then she said she liked the Le Slouch again. Don't you love it when people ask you to make something for them, but then can't make up their minds.)

And below is Malabrigo Chunky in Saphire Magenta, I plan on making an Unoriginal hat for myself. I just couldn't buy some for my aunt and none for me, what kind of knitter would I be if I passed up on buying yarn for myself.

(I keep on petting the malabrigo, is that a sign that I have issues?)

It was my first time visiting this LYS and they have a wonderful selection of yarns and the ladies were very nice too. I will definitely be frequenting there again.

As for progress on my other knitting, I had to go back to Jo Ann's and pick up another ball of the landscapes country sunset and the suede, both by lion brand, to complete the scarf for my hunny's mom. My hunny's sister saw that i was making her mother a scarf and has now requested a scarf for I'll have to think about what scarf I want to make her and out of what yarn and this is yarn i can convience my hunny to buy which which makes it even better. While I was at Jo Ann's I also grabbed two skeins of Patons in brown and orange, I plan on making my first felted item out of them so we will see how it goes. I also have been working on my hunny's socks, I'm on the leg of the second sock now and plan on finishing this week. I think they are really nice, and besides being a little long in the toe, they fit really well too. It was hard to find a pattern that fit a size mens 13 wide foot, but the boyfriend socks do.

As for other things that have happened, for valentines day my hunny cooked me a wonderful wonderful dinner. He is an excellent cook and enjoys cooking all the time anyway but he got shrimps for me for V-Day and that made me very very happy. I adore my hunny's cooking, last night he made some Jambalaya that was excellent, i would post picks but as of lunch today it has all been eaten.

While I have been looking to get more into the fiber arts career wise, I do love working downtown and the fact that right now their is a man playing his saxophone on the street that I can hear from my window and it's beautiful music....sometimes you gotta love working downtown.

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