Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sunshine and Socks

The sun is shining and it makes me happy. Last night the snow was falling so thick I could barely see down the streets as i drove home from work. I stopped at CVS and by the time I came out I had to brush off my car, but I saw some kids being kids and playing in the snow and it warmed my heart to see that some kids are still just kids.

On the Knitting front I've finished one of my boyfriend socks, I bound off too tightly so i have to fix it, but I plan on fixing it when I finish the second sock (which I've started already).

I've also started a scraf for my hunny's mom. I didn't get a chance to make her anything for Christmas due to my time management skills being off.
For this scarf I'm using Lion Brand Landscapes in Country Sunset and Lion Suede in Eggplant.

Pretty Colors

I'm knitting with both yarns together...i think it calms down the landscapes yarn a bit, but still pretty.

For Christmas I gave my g-ma a scarf and now she's requesting fringe for the edges so i'll have to go get more yarn today and do that for her tomorrow. My aunt is also requesting a burgundy hat, she wants the Le Slouch. I think I want to try some Malabrigo worsted in burgundy, On all the knitting blogs I read Malabrigo seems to be a great yarn and so soft. A lot of knitters on Ravelry have already made this hat and a few in the Malabrigo and it looks sooo yummy...I might have to grab some for myself while I'm at my LYS.

Since I haven't posted the glories of Ravelry I will now, If for some reason you are a knitter, crocheter, yarn dyer, spinner and aren't on Ravelry or haven't signed up you REALLY REALLY REALLY need to sign up. Ravelry is the greatest site EVER!!!! To be able to see people handwork form locally to globally is a wonderful thing. I get inspired everytime I login and I sometimes trick myself into believing that I can too knit as well as some of the people on Ravelry.

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