Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Third FO and a Cast on

Ok, I've finished my third FO of the year, a cute little Trinity Stitch hat. It's my first hat and the decrease are a little wonky, but nothing terrible. I wore it and even my hunny said it was cute ( and that saying something. The trinity stitch take a while, but the effect is nice. I followed the adjustment for the stitch from Stitch and Tones and i didn't make it as slouchy as the original.
Start: 1/28
Finish: 1/26
Yarn: Carson Simply Soft Heather
Pattern: variation of Trinity Stitch Hat
Needles: size # 7 circular

I also cast on for a baby cardigan for my friends nephew. He's 6 months old, We'll see how it turns out, its my second baby item and the first was two small (but that wasn't my fault, he arrived way early). This is my first stab a colorwork to, so hopefully it goes well, I think it might be a little big, but he'll be able to wear it next winter if not this winter.

Tonight I'll be going home to work on my paper. I need to knock it out tonight, No knitting tonight just typing and highlighting and writing and maybe a little cursing, but I'll try my best not to. I'll make some hot coco to combat the cursing part and if i get enough work done on my paper maybe I'll knit anyway :-) we'll see what happens.

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bravebird said...

I luuuv those colors together!Caron's simply soft, right? Can't wait to see when it's done!