Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Homeless Shelter Design

Happy New Year's Day!
Jan 1, 2008..wow 2007 went fast, but at the beginning of another year I always think the previous year went fast. Thanks You Jesus for allowing me to see another day let alone another year!
I rang in the new year doing a shot of 1800, which might become a new tradition.

and now......
(my mother hates it when i say that)...but it's how I feel.
I am currently working on my Master's essay so I can graduate and get on with my life. I'm researching homeless shelter design and their affect on the safety, dignity and socialization of the homeless and it's affect on the management of these facilities. This would be easy if there were alot of work previously done on this topic, but there hasn't been......and so I'm frustrated a bit. I have only found one book that is specifically related to my topic and while in previous times I have been a delinquent about finishing my paper, I have to graduate in May 2008 or else many many many people will hurt me. This paper is the only thing that stands between me and freedom.....I can do it, I can do it I can do it!

On the knitting front I haven't done much lately but I plan on getting a bit done this weekend. We'll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

I too am doing a thesis project that will be two semesters on Architectural Design of Domestic Violence Shelters. I am at a loss for research as well. There is so much on Domestic Violence or homeless but not hte desing of the shelters. I am curious..is the book you found by Sam Davis? If not please share what other book you have found lleighi@yahoo.com Best of luck! Hope you will be graduating.

Anonymous said...

Interesting subject. I actually sat down and drew up a concept drawing of what I think would be a great design and would be cheap to mass produce and would provide basic living needs such as a bed, closet, kitchen and bath and storage and still have a small footprint. Another interesting add on to this would be Hydroponic gardening to provide food for these people. This would allow a hoemeless community to self sustain for a while. Add solar panels for power and heat and you have a green footprint as well.

joeyovcario said...

im also doing my thesis project on homeless shelter design, but im concentrating the psychological recuperative approach of the design. Homeless facilities are really under-designed. It's no wonder that there isn't much research behind it. I'm sure you did great. I'm finally gathering information. I have to say it was hard though. Did you ever look at the book, "Designing for the Homeless: Architecture that Works" by Sam Davis. Another Person to look for might be Jill Pable. She does a lot of research behind homeless shelter designs.