Monday, January 7, 2008

My hunny and Christmas '08

I started knitting the boyfriend sock on Sat and I am loving this pattern, I've only made one mistake so far, I cabled one of the cables the wrong way..but oh well. I'm making these for my hunny, I kept looking for a good pattern to fit his size 13 wide feet and this one seems right on the mark. Since it's a top up design I've been trying it on him as I knit and it fits him well...I'm so excited, he said that these are going to be his favorite socks because I made them...awwwe isn't he a sweetheart! That's why I love him. I'll post a pic of my progress on them when I get home.

I also started a flower washrag. Below is pic of one of the petals..this thing is huge. Next time I will definitely make one smaller than this, but it is a cute and quick project, many people will probably get these for Christmas '08.

Yes, I said Christmas '08 I'm starting my planning now. My goal is to finish one gift a month, that way I won't be overwhelmed in December again. I still have a scarf to finish for Christmas...but I didn't tell the recipient that he was getting he can get it anytime.

I'm so excited about my sewing machine, I have to set up some dates with my G-Ma so she can teach me. Both her and one of her sisters are seamstress' so I'm excited and hope that some of their sewing genes passed on to me. ...I really won't be able to do much until the end of this month. These middle weeks are gonna be hectic for my schedule, but I'd rather be busy than bored.

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Maria said...

Your boyfriend sock is looking great...boy are those some big feet!!