Monday, February 25, 2008


Name: Joy
For: My Hunny's Mom
Start: 2/9/2008
Finished: 2/25/2008
Needle: US size 13
Yarn: Lion Brand Landscapes, Color: Country Sunset (3 Skeins)
Lion Brand Suede, Color: Eggplant (1.5 Skeins)
Pattern: variation on on that is in inside of label of Country Sunset Yarn

I finally finished this scarf, and the more i look at it the more I love it matches the skirt I have on today and i really would like to keep it, but it will make its way to it's intended recipient today. It's nice and warm, fluffy and colorful...what more could a girl want. I didn't measure it, but it's long enough to wrap around once and still have long ends hanging.

I'm still working on redoing the cast off edge on my hunny's boyfriends socks that I cast off to tightly for....yeah I'll get them done sometime this week....I need to finishe them before I finish another project of else he'll be upset with me since he has one sock and not the other.

Here is the start of the leslouch hat for my aunt, I'm using malabrigo worsted and its my first time knitting with it and i absolutely adore's so freaking soft its crazy. Yes, behind it is the hank of yarn laid out. I have yet to buy a ball winder :-( and I didn't have the time when i bought it to ask the store to do it for me, but i doesn't matter because the yarn makes me happy. I can't wait to make my hat with the chunky malabrigo that i bought for myself. The beautiful thing about living in Michigan is that I have plenty of winter left to make myself a hat and get some good wear out of it.


Shorty said...

Joy is the perfect name for your scarf. It's bringing my Joy just looking at it. The colors are fabulous!

And about the crocheting thing you mentioned on my blog, you're a wonderful crafter who can do whatever she wants. Keep at it. It's fun and fast. Which also makes it a great ego boost.

Virtuous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Yes I just love Malabrigo too and have been meaning to make Le Slouch too!

I must admit our winter is coming to an end very soon so not much time to make more winter items on my end! :o( I need to wrap that up fast!!

Hope you have a great weekend!