Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sock for Me

I'm almost finished with my first sock for me...yeah. i'm a little further along than the pic below, i'm actually working on the cuff now. It's a pretty plain sock except for two cables, one on each of the front panel. I know it looks a little long, but i have long narrow feet, so it fits me perfectly and that's what is important. I like the yarn because of it squishiness, but its short on yardage, 2 skeins =338 yards.

I haven't been doing any new book reading, my hunny is sick with a cold and so I've been taking care of him and trying not to get sick myself. Book money went to buying lots of cold medicine, orange juice and chicken noodle soup. I guess i could go to the local library, but I like buying books so i can keep them and take as long as i need to read them.

My Hunny's bday is coming up at the end of April and i have to think of something nice for him. I know I'm going to make him a bday cake but I got to get hime something else too.

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