Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another FO

...but it's not the other sock. Its a dishcloth for my dad for his birthday, which was the 30th. I'm actually making him two, one is finished and the other is 50% done, he will receive them this weekend. For the blue dishcloth I used the Diagonal knit discloth pattern posted on ravelry.

below is a picture of the second one that i started, I used the Waffle knit dishcloth pattern here, that i also found via ravelry. I like dishcloths because they are quick and provide instant gratification. I plan on grabbing some more cotton and start cranking these out in mass, so when Christmas comes around everybody will get at least two dishcloths.

I'm still working on sock number two...running out of steam a bit...maybe new sock yarn will give me some momentum.

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Pajnstl said...

Good job... I've never made a dishcloth :)