Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Knitting For Me

I'm in the process of getting my life together so there is no knitting for me until everything is back on track. I use knitting to distract myself from the things that I really need to do, so until I finish those things that are paramount to my future, no knitting for me. This is not an easy feet, I adore knitting and it is part of my stress relief ritual too, but there are other more important things going on right now...prioritizing is key in life!

Right now the first thing I'm focused on is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm aiming for heaven and sitting on my bum and not doing anything to further the kingdom besides going to church service on Sunday and bible study on Wednesday ain't gettin' it. God is sooooo good and his Word is true and right.

The second thing is focusing my financial future.

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