Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cakes and Bags

So, that cake I was suppose to make, turned into a lemon crunch cake that I bought. I just couldn't fit it in last night. Today is my managers retirement party and tomorrow is his last day (his birthday) and I'm a little sad. I like my manager and it's hard to find people who you like to work for. Also he wrote all of the staff personal thank you notes for the work we have done and the full time staff also got gift certificates. I got a $10 one to starbucks :-) His wife even baked us coffee cake for our staff meeting this morning. I don't want my manager to go. While the new manager is cool (he currently works in our department) I still want my current manager to stay. Oh well.

On the Knitting Front, Hopefully I'll get to finish my other fetching tonight. I've also decided that I'm going to make my mother a purse for Christmas, but I'm not completely sure which one I should make. Either the Brea Bag

or this one

the only issue is that the second bags directions are in finnish. but i do love it. It's sophisticated and simple. the first one is pretty also, so someone is gonna get it for Christmas.


Lauren said...

Ooh both purses are very pretty... although I think I will put my vote on the green one, it has a cute shape and the directions are in english! :)

Nettie said...

I guess I like to make things hard for myself 'cause I would choose the Finnish bag =) I like the style more. But I guess you should choose more for what the recipient would like and what you think you want to knit.

Purlygirly said...

So where is the pattern for that Finnish bag? Has someone on Ravelry made it yet? I love it!