Monday, November 19, 2007

Broken Rules and Giving Thanks

So, last week I broke one of my rules I set up for this blog, I am suppose to post at least once a week, but last week was my G-Ma's funeral service and a cousin of mine also past I didn't post because I wasn't in the mood.

I don't have any pics this week because I haven't had much time to knit (which has been a tragedy to me). I decided that I'm going to make the Brea bag for my mom for Christmas and I think I will make the Danica scarf for friend's mom. I need to go buy the yarn for both these projects so I will be headed to Michael's tonight.

Thanksgiving is this Thursday and the year has flown by. Here's a list of things I'm grateful for:
1. Being Saved!
2. Every second that the Lord allows me to have on this side of the dirt.
3. 3 day work week
4. My family and friends
5. Left over turkey samiches (yes i spelled it that way on purpose)
6. Knowing that everything will be alright

Life is a wonderful everyday to the fullest because tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone.

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knittingma said...

I love the Brea bag! It used to be on my queue until I decided that I had too many objects on my queue...
I'm sorry to hear about your grandma and your cousin. But I'm glad to see that you're still thanking the Lord through it all! Cheers.